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d711d14f 2022-05-30 updates Jes Olson
64d17910 2022-05-17 revisit reviews, add pixel review, add ratings in index Jes Olson
29dfd5cb 2022-04-16 remove cruft, sort entries Jesse Olson
1951fa9e 2022-04-16 add atom feed! :D Jesse Olson
96223dce 2022-04-16 wups Jesse Olson
e2bb51e8 2022-04-16 *smiles heavily* Jesse Olson
f2c6b9c9 2022-04-08 * Jes Olson
c08fb465 2022-04-08 .html -> .txt Jesse Olson
54a462e9 2022-04-08 puffies Jesse Olson
6138b668 2022-04-08 make puffy2 my helper Jesse Olson
d987b81a 2022-04-08 try separating the html and h1 tags Jesse Olson
79082bc9 2022-04-08 update todo & hardcode puffer height Jesse Olson
280a2517 2022-04-08 Add travel checklist to tools, update ip Jesse Olson
c7a05661 2022-04-07 Add correct shell implementation Jes Olson
3de570bc 2022-04-07 Credit rekka bellum in the alttext of puffer Jes Olson
1f68b838 2022-04-06 substantially decrease puffy filesize Jes Olson
8241e3f6 2022-04-06 Add mascot, add good post about dynamic blogging Jes Olson
c723ff7a 2022-04-05 updoots Jes Olson
266e27cd 2022-04-04 Add projects & simplify layout a bit Jes Olson
c2b1c7e1 2022-04-04 * Jes Olson
3af3727b 2022-04-04 Fix friendpost formatting, make rss fetching parallel Jes Olson
37f20a34 2022-04-03 remove purism, add other fun feeds Jes Olson
9498a2e1 2022-03-28 Add about section, reformat about page Jes Olson
c0bb4aae 2022-03-27 Add missing reviews Jes Olson
b8cf9087 2022-03-24 email post & van start Jes Olson
2eba70a0 2022-03-11 add isaif review Jes Olson
3042b8a7 2022-03-09 lots of stuff Jes Olson
fc91594c 2022-03-06 Add email plead Jes Olson
34c08997 2022-02-20 add fack, sort blogs Jes Olson
8a1cdd40 2022-02-18 ITS NOT HTML Jes Olson
dd1e6dcb 2022-02-18 WHOA FJIEWJFIWEOJFIOWEJ Jes Olson
44c8f425 2022-02-18 debug garbage Jes Olson
64b50d22 2022-02-18 add some shitty lil ip tools Jes Olson
9e62d7e3 2022-02-11 * Jesse Olson
282c84c7 2022-02-11 set fields to required Jesse Olson
f153148e 2022-02-11 yuuuge updates Jesse Olson
ff2b4b24 2022-02-11 many updates Jesse Olson
b5c73f1c 2022-02-11 Make fetching rss feeds better in every way Jesse Olson
b7529280 2022-02-09 Add the lorax review Jesse Olson
08c8db9f 2022-02-09 flip to embed Jesse Olson
2a2f3941 2022-02-04 * Jes Olson
c8f38868 2022-02-04 Add updating links to friends blogs based on their feeds :D Jes Olson
d71d2855 2022-01-29 wrap for poor cell phone browsers Jes Olson
27423406 2022-01-29 revert to pre tag lol Jes Olson
3e9b3bdf 2022-01-29 different widths for posts vs whatever Jes Olson
41a94241 2022-01-29 monospace but wrapped tho Jes Olson
f3421208 2022-01-29 gofumpt Jes Olson
d7f77269 2022-01-29 * Jes Olson
3721a364 2022-01-29 * Jes Olson
023f352d 2022-01-29 add viewport for mobile Jes Olson
324872e5 2022-01-29 add saw review Jes Olson
d4a6b33d 2022-01-29 * Jes Olson
43b757f2 2022-01-29 test Jes Olson
0a9bb082 2022-01-28 Moar stuff Jes Olson
04b4f4c8 2022-01-28 in the beginning there was garbage Jes Olson