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Sha Commit date Commit message Author
f0e4cd4f 2022-10-06 add helix conf Jes Olson
3a9a7482 2022-10-06 shmoji Jes Olson
ee04c880 2022-09-04 * Jes Olson
609eed61 2022-08-17 add more golang lua bullshit to nvim Jes Olson
54584e00 2022-07-31 Merge branch 'master' Jes Olson
923284c9 2022-07-30 add java noreparent to profile Jes Olson
2e30b8cb 2022-07-17 Auto push remotes & symlink chtf Jes Olson
378854c5 2022-07-01 asfjiewjg Jes Olson
8866e8d8 2022-06-28 DO access token lmao Jes Olson
1d724593 2022-06-21 vol use Jes Olson
bf1bae89 2022-06-21 bemenu prettifying Jes Olson
ef09c6ba 2022-06-21 remove pa-fuzzel lawl Jes Olson
8052ed06 2022-06-21 replace jira-fuzzel, move to zora, correct conf Jes Olson
f4501cbf 2022-06-21 Add sway colorscheme Jes Olson
2a492590 2022-06-21 add simple prompt alias Jes Olson
71809d5d 2022-06-21 fix sway tabs Jes Olson
13565159 2022-06-21 no auto-enter anymore Jes Olson
a5558002 2022-06-21 addignorefile = false Jes Olson
c77f5b64 2022-06-21 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' Jes Olson
fde8ef18 2022-06-21 Add tada to vim, fix prompt bugs Jes Olson
c3154bf2 2022-06-14 statusbar -> red Jes Olson
a346b7f4 2022-06-13 Make bat red if it's low Jes Olson
7d457ec3 2022-06-11 Add tidalcycles plugin Jes Olson
fdae6a32 2022-06-01 Yuge vol changes, yuge sway changes Jes Olson
bca62c8d 2022-05-14 Add nostromo bar Jes Olson
baf0e0ff 2022-02-22 minor tweaks, drosh pointer Jes Olson
cc9610a6 2022-02-14 soba soba soba Jes Olson
7b8baac3 2022-02-14 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/main' Jes Olson
70395528 2022-02-09 Add soba sway conf, add soba statusbar Jes Olson
9f2ef758 2022-02-14 git config reduxg Jes Olson
e2002874 2022-02-09 Add soba sway conf, add soba statusbar Jes Olson
648e0efe 2022-02-08 Add chef-keygen Jes Olson
0601d518 2022-02-08 Enable tabbed layout, add json ts Jes Olson
e55e4820 2022-01-19 Use cat for pager, use tabs Jes Olson
636f41f3 2022-01-06 Add pwgen Jes Olson
f1884c43 2022-01-06 Audio adjustments dont require mod2 Jes Olson
1ad7687d 2022-01-06 Add simple volume modification toolset Jes Olson
d4e78faa 2022-01-06 Change prompt to cherry blossom Jes Olson
ee75e12e 2022-01-06 Mod1 -> $mod Jes Olson
e5688d8b 2022-01-05 Rework bash history, recolor some things Jes Olson
65fe714d 2022-01-05 Add simple vpn suite Jes Olson
46fa6d6f 2022-01-05 Update pa Jes Olson
7a1bda40 2022-01-04 moar color configz Jes Olson
1199caed 2022-01-04 Add mako config Jes Olson
3f6e00b4 2022-01-04 Add dismiss all command Jes Olson
d75e4aa9 2022-01-04 Dismiss notifications with Delete Jes Olson
ef2a0ee8 2022-01-04 Add backup wrapper for borg Jes Olson
26fd084d 2022-01-04 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' Jes Olson
9bce03d8 2022-01-04 * Jes Olson
60a75f1c 2021-12-14 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' Jes Olson
55ed050c 2021-12-14 Add nostromo background Jes Olson
e43e4277 2021-11-30 add nbg1 to regions Jes Olson
03452639 2021-11-30 Add github redirect + idiotic regions script Jes Olson
0c0c2033 2021-11-24 Remove unnecessary argument Jes Olson
ab07bf43 2021-11-24 make prompt aware of git roots Jes Olson
3e21fa31 2021-11-19 move docc to zora dir Jes Olson
f4916ef6 2021-11-19 Add docc helpers Jes Olson
12f48e4d 2021-11-04 pa-rofi -> pa-fuzzel, move jira conf to zora Jes Olson
af8a397f 2021-11-03 * Jes Olson
ed7cd003 2021-11-01 no more weird return entry codes Jes Olson
c849f11b 2021-10-29 Replace rofi with fuzzel, add jira-fuzzel Jes Olson
10b42451 2021-10-29 Make my shell history eternal :eyeroll: Jes Olson
74af201c 2021-10-27 Enable truecolor support Jes Olson
99b13ca1 2021-10-26 adjust prompt, use vim github highlighting Jes Olson
fc10eff8 2021-10-25 Goodbye alacritty, foot is my best friend Jes Olson
2ab3dbce 2021-10-25 i actually hate syncthing Jes Olson
9da3caae 2021-10-25 * Jes Olson
92f1e79f 2021-10-25 Remove n and scr Jes Olson
36aaff79 2021-10-25 Remove custom vim color Jes Olson
101d320e 2021-10-25 Add .rc Jes Olson
dfe596bb 2021-10-25 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' Jes Olson
e32649a2 2021-10-12 Rename .env to .rc, misc other stuff Jes Olson
b3820372 2021-09-29 Make bash history tolerable, remove be alias Jes Olson
7258015a 2021-09-20 add empty commit shortcut Jes Olson
657cf0ec 2021-09-20 Fix up getcert, make openssl act sanely Jes Olson
65419ae8 2021-09-20 Add getcert for troubleshooty purposes Jes Olson
502a6cca 2021-09-16 Add seafoam borders Jes Olson
bf44c07f 2021-09-16 Update status line to blue Jes Olson
5675149f 2021-09-08 up mmp to resolve weirdness Jes Olson
69bdf379 2021-08-24 fix georgerrmartin feed j3s
d245e9a4 2021-08-24 Remove muttrc j3s
bb401386 2021-08-12 Move sway config to hostname conf j3s
ef10edf9 2021-08-12 Use jetbrains mono font Jes Olson
c445472d 2021-08-02 Darwin -> darwin Jes Olson
ce524716 2021-08-02 hack git conf, posix chtf Jes Olson
d90579b8 2021-07-23 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' Jes Olson
079a90ce 2021-07-19 * j3s
03c68186 2021-07-12 * j3s
887f0966 2021-07-09 Moar DO confs j3s
b06fc925 2021-07-05 DO onboarding commit j3s
a15e00c9 2021-06-27 Simplify prompt, move to chromium j3s
1632686d 2021-06-27 Add nvim config j3s
b906ee1e 2021-06-27 update gibson conf j3s
0a28d008 2021-06-27 More prep for DO j3s
93aaa83d 2021-06-22 * j3s
12fa8711 2021-06-23 Fix prompt, update sway colorscheme j3s
f9891f7c 2021-06-22 Prep dotfiles for digitalocean (yay)! j3s
d9d50538 2021-06-14 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' j3s
888b4099 2021-06-14 Add sh functions j3s
8f48d627 2021-04-05 add coderanger j3s