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Sha Commit date Commit message Author
46d46ea7 2020-06-18 Modify forms according to nshc feedback Jesse Olson
c146b169 2020-06-11 Adjust fields per nshc feedback j3s
de117373 2020-06-10 Mobile border sizing fitt j3s
61a4a075 2020-06-10 Make iphone worky j3s
26833e4e 2020-06-10 URL-ize the footer j3s
6d4c203f 2020-06-10 Behave predictably on mobile j3s
c4b5d533 2020-06-10 Prettify CSS foks
16761b88 2020-06-10 Make button untransparent j3s
0858bb66 2020-06-10 Update styling j3s
6bdea2e9 2020-06-10 Adjust colors to make it feel more NSHC-y j3s
e887455e 2020-06-10 Adjust min-height to 150px j3s
251a37d7 2020-06-10 Use placeholder text per custom requirement j3s
6bfe680b 2020-06-10 Add Makefile, add hosting blurb j3s
e4bc4059 2020-06-10 Add skeleton.css and add some body stuff. j3s
9f69955a 2020-06-09 Email is working! j3s
0e8a4e48 2020-06-09 Revise first draft j3s
cc2cc42f 2020-06-09 Add module & gitignore j3s
3f2f9a66 2020-06-09 add license j3s
589f9fa5 2020-06-09 Initial commit j3s