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e5f7c6ce 2022-07-17 update deps Jes Olson
2be38a7a 2022-05-17 Upgrade deps Jesse Olson
4057f32b 2022-03-20 Normalize all commands Jes Olson
1e421f01 2022-03-20 Add better help? Jes Olson
8b9d1a9b 2022-03-20 add separator Jes Olson
e931e326 2022-03-20 make list compact af Jes Olson
e6def663 2022-03-20 Add intro feature, fix list bug, etc Jes Olson
90ae615d 2022-03-20 First version of intro Jes Olson
961c56d4 2022-03-07 warn Jes Olson
23bbd033 2022-03-07 vol not over 100 pls Jes Olson
70bde144 2022-02-05 update deps root
94cecded 2022-01-19 Ensure list works, make vol control root
01a575d7 2021-12-15 allow numbers in command name Jesse Olson
58899298 2021-12-07 Bump all deps, correct youtube/v2 root
960dd804 2021-08-24 update readme j3s
e2adadbc 2021-03-18 Allow users to add clips j3s
a89cdac0 2021-03-17 * j3s
a812dfca 2021-03-17 Do the protection betta j3s
99d61a5e 2021-03-17 prevent youtube liunks from always playing lul j3s
51f6a599 2021-03-17 hardcode access token j3s
042ef948 2021-03-17 Allow for old style commands j3s
fe777019 2021-03-17 add youtube abilities j3s
21d001c8 2021-03-17 gofmt j3s
7b3805f7 2021-03-17 * j3s
e8deb9cb 2021-03-17 * j3s
8bbbc676 2021-03-17 in the beginning there was arkness j3s