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0eba4b0e 2022-05-17 Remove tons of deps, simplify logic, use html/template Jesse Olson
6387c345 2022-04-04 Make jrss concurrent lmao Jes Olson
eb552529 2021-02-23 Add author to feed output j3s
14d7e167 2021-02-23 OOPS j3s
01921cab 2021-02-23 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' j3s
d4663a5b 2021-02-23 enormous refactor j3s
cecc454f 2021-02-22 Add some commentz j3s
4ab2cc0e 2021-02-22 update deps, gofmt j3s
f05a8892 2021-02-15 Fix potential for null pointer dereference j3s
f5e614fb 2021-02-15 gofmt j3s
55c1f491 2021-02-15 Update deps, add more error checking j3s
e8138ff4 2020-07-14 Reverse the sort Jesse Olson
1d699c92 2020-07-14 in the beginning there was darkness Jesse Olson