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Sha Commit date Commit message Author
e2327473 2021-05-05 Make new build script, remove logger 2 chainz
0f77fc49 2020-01-16 Update deps j3s
7c8a6279 2020-01-16 Add vendor/ to gitignore j3s
07f1d1fb 2020-01-16 Remove unused fields, change way we generat message j3s
9aae091c 2020-01-07 Remove weird EOL chars j3s
07c19aea 2020-01-02 Make config generic j3s
979268cb 2020-01-02 Remove unused functions and dependencies in mail/parse j3s
b0773b4c 2019-12-31 Strip parsemail decoding, pass emails through list verbatim j3s
37ba8777 2019-12-30 Commit example config j3s
73dca3f3 2019-12-23 Do not fail if ContentTransferEncoding = '' j3s
985c6a7f 2019-12-23 Add moar error handling j3s
253e32e0 2019-12-23 Add error handling for message submission j3s
d1b6a7dc 2019-12-22 Fix decoding bug j3s
4fea8450 2019-12-09 Downcase Message-Id since RFC 5322 is case insensitive j3s
0e12cfdb 2019-12-06 Make date conform to RFC1123 j3s
203aff3c 2019-12-06 Make Message-ID RFC compliant j3s
f4b39221 2019-12-06 Add References, make In-Reply-To RFC compliant j3s
a936f707 2019-11-26 Remove scripts/ and update readme j3s
7a89207f 2019-11-25 Simplify makefile, add makefile config, fix tests j3s
e7cd5ca3 2019-11-24 Refactor 2: electric boogaloo j3s
c3f84bb7 2019-11-24 Add all additional headers j3s
c90c1f96 2019-11-24 Format code j3s
b9a1b108 2019-11-24 Generate ToBytes for email processing j3s
dd6c4815 2019-11-24 Refactor with new parsing package j3s
26996ace 2019-11-20 Assign list ID based on address j3s
6a82ccfe 2019-11-20 Add return-path according to RFC5321 j3s
52a3709e 2019-11-20 Send mailing list replies to e.From j3s
eab7f8b1 2019-11-20 Add basic base64 decoding for single-part email j3s
ba6559b4 2019-11-20 Add useful help message to handleSub j3s
151668b4 2019-11-19 Don't copy headers like a rube j3s
fe2628da 2019-11-17 Parse multiple to/cc addresses properly j3s
7f28f8df 2019-11-17 Add error handling for checkAddress j3s
2be35861 2019-11-17 Correct subscribe/unsubscribe URLs j3s
8275e286 2019-11-17 Replace bare README with README.md Dave Bucklin
87f15f00 2019-11-16 Move all bad address code, stop duping messages j3s
9c82843f 2019-11-16 Copy to/cc verbatim, strip useless db function j3s
e7e3c316 2019-11-16 Forward content-transfer-encoding. j3s
dfd8b4d4 2019-11-15 Use from munging instead of gentle replacement j3s
56a09a47 2019-11-15 Correct invalid list.id references j3s
f37f1e3e 2019-11-15 Remove old comments, add error handling to subscription path j3s
7de1a00f 2019-11-15 Strip old reply building, replace with buildCommandAddress j3s
63f4ad1b 2019-11-15 Add RE: to command address responder j3s
d26135f0 2019-11-15 Clarify routes, allow minor misspelling j3s
a22f6b40 2019-11-15 Return a proper from address j3s
f1840699 2019-11-15 Enable commandEmail list function j3s
db0d7b70 2019-11-15 Add buildCommandEmail Aedric Donovan
3b1a5e39 2019-11-12 rename readme j3s
a7a868ef 2019-11-12 In the beginning there was darkness j3s